Reuniting with Friends

Reuniting with important friends from my life reminds me that I need to do better about not losing touch with those that I respect and admire. In September I was able to reunite with three college buddies that I had not seen in over a decade (two of them in over TWO decades). We reunited to do something we never did while in college: ride bicycles. We met in Traverse City Michigan to ride the Leelanau Harvest Tour Century Ride.
Al, Greg, Bob and myself sporting MSU cycling jerseys.

We arrived in Traverse City on a Friday night and wasted no time falling into our usual roles. Bob and I charging ahead with staying all night drinking wine and discussing anything and everything, Greg being the always friendly level headed chap and Al being, well being Al. Here is Al and Greg that first night (or you might say early morning)

20121109-161024.jpg The “big ride” was on Sunday so Saturday we did a “leisurely” ride up the Mission Bay Peninsula. Amazingly our riding styles matched our personality. Bob and I occasionally battled for the Alpha position, Greg enjoyed himself as he always does and Al, well, Al rode. Please note the “world’s largest saddlebag” that Al sported…nuf said.


20121109-162312.jpg The Mission Bay ride was rated as one of Bicycling magazine’s most beautiful rides in America and it lived up to its billing. Rolling hills with apple orchards, old churches, wineries and an old general store (see Greg above). Here we are Saturday evening celebrating a perfect ride on a perfect day.

The next morning we awoke tired, slightly hungover and ready for the Harvest Tour. We agreed that we would ride together until the first rest stop (about 20 miles). It was a chilly morning and Bob, who lives in AZ, was obsessed about being cold. For such a hard charging rider he can be quite wimpy. .

20121109-163009.jpg Luckily it turned out to be a perfect day.

Here are some images from a wonderful day riding.




Each of us finished the ride and the weekend thankful that no matter how long it has been good friends remain good friends. Always.


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