Time to Get Off the xBox and Get on My Bike

Halo 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops II almost did it. They almost turned me into a complete couch potato. For the past 3-4 weeks I have barely ridden and haven’t stepped foot in a gym.

Oh, I’ve thought a lot about cycling. I signed up with TrainerRoad a great online training tool that makes indoor training more productive. After almost splurging on a Computrainer, I did some research and am waiting for Wahoo’s KICKR to be released (come on guys!). And I’ve found what will probably be the best new tool for 2013, the Garmin Vector power meter. See, I’ve THOUGHT about riding a lot. The problem is that each afternoon I think to myself, “gee, its cold out, the sun will be down in 40 minutes and what’s with the 20 mph wind. Then, I tell myself I’ll start tomorrow as I walk upstairs to the xbox room and literally waste 60-90 minutes of my life.

NO MORE. Yesterday, I rode 15 miles. It wasn’t pretty. The cold air induced my asthma and I had to cut it short. But I rode!! Today, I road 26 miles and felt much better. December, January and February is my chance to build for a great riding season (and perhaps more importantly hang with Bobby on climbs). It is exciting to be back on the bike.



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