Are You Willing to Become a Master?

Interesting quote yesterday “Stick with something until you master it” I forget who said it but it is good advice.  It seems like s foreign concept now a days. Everyone wants things to be done now. They want the easy quick route of trying something and instantly being good at it. I know I have that problem at times. but not much. I get it. you have to work at it.  My kids definitely have this problem, but I suppose all kids do. The problem is that adults seem to have it as well.  There is just too much stimulus today.  A great example are apps on iPhones and iPads. Most of us buy apps like we eat mints: just one after the other. How many of us take the time to master any of the apps. Say you buy a great To Do app that offers lots of productivey gains if you use it correctly.  Do you take the time to learn, master and use the features? Chance are no. if you are like most of us, you probably have 3 or 4 To Do apps on your device and the one that you DO USE , you use intermittently.


Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a few treasured apps that we know REALLY well and exploit their full potential????   Think of how much more focused and productive we would be. Not to mention the $$ savings we would have by not buying so many apps. Just find a few good ones, MASTER them and work. Don’t flit around like a butterfly never really accomplishing anything. In fact THIS is one of my resolutions for the New Years. To focus on MASTERING things. I definitely have way to many apps that I have thrown money at and never really used, what a waste.    I look at my daughter and when she is geeked about something she stays with it. She is totally into drawing. She is obsessive about it. (she gets that from me). On the flip side, if she does not have interest in something she will TOTALLY blow it off. We see this in her school work. she does horrible in classes that don’t jazz her. (also from me). BUT she really tries to master the things that she is excited about. It is very cool to watch. 


RESOLVED: I, Roger Whitney, will work on mastering things in 2013.